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Driving Towards a Greener Future: Chinese Car Brand’s Sustainable Initiatives in Pakistan


Chery, a prominent Chinese automotive brand, is making significant strides in expanding its presence in Pakistan. While providing advanced automotive products and cutting-edge technologies to Pakistani customers, Chery is also actively participating in environmental protection and striving to contribute to building a greener Pakistan. With the introduction of new energy products and the establishment of a Green Public Welfare Fund Plan, Chery is taking its corporate social responsibility to new heights. This blog explores Chery’s initiatives and their impact on promoting sustainability in Pakistan.

Chery’s Vision for a Greener Pakistan

According to Song Huaifu, the deputy country director of Chery Automobile in Pakistan, Chery aims to go beyond delivering high-quality automobiles and become a proactive force in protecting the environment. Recognizing the urgent need to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions, Chery is committed to introducing more eco-friendly vehicles in Pakistan. The company plans to launch battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and other forms of alternative power vehicles, promoting the adoption of low-carbon and green travel habits among the Pakistani population.

Expanding the Portfolio: New Energy Vehicles

Cherry Tiggo 8 Pro

Chery has already taken significant steps towards electrification with the introduction of two plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) in Pakistan – the TIGGO 8 PRO e+ and TIGGO 7 PRO e+. These PHEVs combine the benefits of electric power and internal combustion engines, offering reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency. However, Chery’s commitment to a greener future goes beyond PHEVs. The company is set to expand its lineup by introducing more BEVs and other new energy vehicles. This move will not only cater to the evolving needs of environmentally conscious consumers but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment in Pakistan.

The Green Public Welfare Fund Plan

Demonstrating its dedication to corporate social responsibility, Chery recently launched the Green Public Welfare Fund Plan. This initiative signifies a significant milestone in Chery’s global strategy and showcases the brand’s commitment to fostering sustainable development. Through this fund, Chery aims to support various environmental and social causes, focusing on areas where the brand can make a positive impact. Chery’s involvement in post-earthquake relief efforts in Türkiye, public welfare activities for women in Kuwait, and supporting children at the winter games in Pakistan exemplify the brand’s dedication to creating a better world.

Environmental Stewardship and Social Impact

Chery’s efforts to build a greener Pakistan extend beyond its product offerings. The brand actively engages in environmental stewardship initiatives to minimize its ecological footprint and promote sustainable practices within its operations. This commitment includes implementing energy-efficient technologies, reducing waste generation, and adopting environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. By integrating sustainable practices into its business model, Chery sets an example for other automotive companies and encourages the adoption of eco-friendly measures in Pakistan’s industrial sector.

Furthermore, Chery’s involvement in various social welfare programs highlights its commitment to social impact. The brand recognizes that sustainable development encompasses both environmental and social aspects. By supporting initiatives that uplift communities, empower women, and provide opportunities for children, Chery demonstrates its dedication to holistic development and creates a positive societal influence in Pakistan.

As Chery strengthens its presence in Pakistan’s automotive market, the brand’s focus on sustainability and environmental protection is commendable. By introducing new energy vehicles, such as BEVs, and actively participating in social welfare activities, Chery showcases its commitment to building a greener Pakistan. Through its Green Public Welfare Fund Plan, the brand aims to make a lasting positive impact on the environment and society. Chery’s endeavors serve as an inspiration for other companies to incorporate sustainable practices and contribute to a more eco-conscious future in Pakistan and beyond.

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