The Four Uncool Boss Types & How To Deal with Them

Types of bosses

Hey, fellow Gen Zers! Ever felt like your boss is more “blah” than “bae”? We’ve all been there. Let’s decode these not-so-great boss vibes and figure out how to navigate through them without losing our cool (pun intended).

1. The ‘Not So Lit’ Boss Types

Micromanagers: The Control Freaks

Micromanager Boss Type

Picture this: Your boss wants to know every tiny detail, like they’re checking your Insta feed. Micromanagers love control, but they’re not always clued in on trust. They hover because they’re worried or just need loads of info to hit their own goals.

How to Swipe Left on Micromanagers

Play Open Book: Give ’em what they need – updates, deets, all that jazz. Ask how they prefer info served, like choosing filters for your pics!

Avoid the Ghosting: Don’t leave ’em hanging! Keep ’em in the loop without feeling like you’re stuck on repeat.

2. The ‘Buddy-Bosses’: More Friends than Bosses

Imagine your boss is trying to slide into your friend circle more than into work. These “friend managers” care a tad too much about being liked. Tough calls? Nah, they’d rather chill with the squad.

Ultra Friendly Boss Type

How to Unfriend Your ‘Buddy-Boss’

DTR (Define The Relationship): Keep things profesh! Drawing lines helps balance the work-play vibe.

Limit the Memes: Save the memes for the group chat, not the workspace. Let’s keep the work vibe a little more buttoned-up.

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3. The ‘Lone Wolf’ Boss: Me, Myself, and I

Ever had a boss who’s all about their own grind, hardly noticing the pack? That’s the ‘lone wolf’ boss. They’re ace at solo gigs but might miss the teamwork memo.

Lone Wolf Boss Type

How to Roam Free with the ‘Lone Wolf’

Seek Allies Elsewhere: If mentorship’s your jam, hunt for it outside the pack. Find mentors or courses to level up.

Own Your Hustle: Enjoy the freedom! These bosses give space, so seize the chance to spread your wings.

4. The ‘Jerk’ Boss: The Less Said, the Better

No one wants to work for the office grump. They’re often short-fused and lack people skills. So not cool.

Jerk Type of Boss

How to Tame the ‘Jerk’ Boss

Finding Common Ground: Ever tried picturing them as your neighbor? Sometimes finding their human side helps keep things bearable.

Seek the Silver Linings: Make a list of good points – like finding that hidden gem in a thrift store. If things get way out of line, report through proper channels or seek greener pastures.

You’ve Got the Power, Gen Z!

Remember, Gen Z warriors, you’ve got the keys to make this work. It’s not just about changing them, it’s about how we vibe too. Find your groove, adapt, and hey, if all else fails, there are plenty of cool companies waiting to welcome your awesomeness.

The ‘Boss’ Realization

Bad bosses are a vibe killer, but they’re not the only rhythm in town. In fact, 64% of us are working for the best bosses ever! If your boss feels more like a glitch in the matrix, either find your tech-savvy moves to groove along or, hey, maybe it’s time to find a better playlist elsewhere.

Hustle and Heart, Gen Z!

Let’s face it, not all bosses are #Goals. But with the right moves, we can still make this work. Adapt, conquer, and remember, it’s all just another chapter in our Gen Z story. Keep vibin’, keep hustlin’, and always keep it Gen Z! 🚀✌️

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