Top 10 Gen Z Entrepreneurs Making More Money Than Your Annual Salary!

Top 10 Gen Z Entrepreneurs.

Every generation has its trailblazers, and Generation Z is no exception. Born between 1997 and 2012, these young individuals, aged 10 to 25, are already showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and making a significant impact on the world. In this article, we celebrate the success stories of top 10 Gen Z entrepreneurs from the United States, India, and the United Kingdom.

1. Hart Main: Redefining Manliness with ManCans

Hart Main is the 1st on our list of top 10 Gen Z entrepreneurs. At the age of 13, Hart Main challenged the conventional scented candles market by creating “ManCans” – manly scented candles made from soup cans. These unique candles, with scents like Campfire, Bacon, and Fresh Cut Grass, are handmade by a developmentally disabled workforce. Hart’s candles are now sold nationwide, with a portion of each sale donated to soup kitchens in several states.

2. Kamaria Warren: Empowering Girls through Brown Girls Stationery

Inspired by the lack of representation in birthday invitations, Kamaria Warren founded Brown Girls Stationery at the age of seven. Her business offers a range of party supplies, stationery, vegan purses, and accessories featuring cheerful illustrations of Black and Brown girls. With an emphasis on making an impact, Kamaria’s products sell on various platforms, and a portion of her earnings goes towards charitable causes.

3. Ryan Hickman: Recycling Crusader and Philanthropist

At just three years old, Ryan Hickman became passionate about recycling and started collecting bottles and cans. By age seven, he launched his own business, Ryan’s Recycling Company, and has since recycled over 1.5 million items. Ryan’s efforts have raised more than $14,000 for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and he founded the nonprofit Project 3R to educate others about recycling.

4. Lily Born: Preventing Spills with the Kangaroo Cup

Lily Born, at the age of eight, invented the Kangaroo cup, a spill-proof three-legged cup designed to assist individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Her company, Imagiroo LLC, produces these cups in ceramic and plastic variants. Lily’s dedication to finding solutions has made her an inspiration to children who see challenges as opportunities.

5. Kiki Hardee: Combating School Lunch Debt through Kiki’s Kindness Project

Motivated by the lunch debt at her school, Kiki Hardee, at age five, started Kiki’s Kindness Project. Through cookie and hot cocoa sales, Kiki raised over $7,000 to pay off her district’s lunch debt. Her ongoing efforts have raised over $22,000 and aim to inspire other children to help those in need.

6. Michael ‘Mikey’ Wren: The Young Business Guru

Michael Wren established Mikey’s Munchies Vending at the age of eight, featuring a collection of vending machines. He also volunteers his time to teach financial literacy, donates clothing to youth, and has written two children’s books on business education. Mikey’s entrepreneurial endeavors and philanthropic initiatives demonstrate his commitment to making a difference.

7. Moziah Bridges: Bowties and Camp Scholarships

One of the top 10 Gen Z entrepreneurs is Moziah Bridges, who, at just nine years old, founded Mo’s Bows when he couldn’t find stylish bowties for himself. Now 20, he has sold over $700,000 in handmade men’s ties and accessories. Moziah also established the Go Mo Summer Camp Scholarship Fund, sending more than 50 Memphis children to summer camp.

8. Vinusha MK: Sweet Success with Four Seasons Pastry

Inspired by her mother’s birthday, Vinusha MK started Four Seasons Pastry at the age of 12. She creates delectable custom cakes and pastries, focusing on quality and creativity. Vinusha’s talent and dedication have earned her recognition in various culinary competitions and media outlets.

9. Ben Towers: Tech Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Ben Towers launched his web design agency, Towers Design, at the age of 11. Today, he runs a successful digital marketing agency and consultancy firm. Ben has been named one of the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs and advocates for young people pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions.

10. Zandra Cunningham: Natural Skincare Products for Teens

At the age of nine, Zandra Cunningham founded Zandra Beauty, offering a range of all-natural skincare products for teens. Her company has expanded to include lip balms, lotions, and other self-care items. Zandra is committed to inspiring other young entrepreneurs through her products and motivational speaking engagements.

A cute kid wearing glasses asking "Are you an Entrepreneur Yet?"

These ten inspiring stories of Generation Z entrepreneurs highlight the creativity, resilience, and determination of young people who are making their mark on the world. From challenging stereotypes to addressing social issues, these individuals are proof that age is no barrier to success. As Generation Z continues to grow, we can expect more trailblazers to emerge, shaping the future with their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

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