Just 18 Very Nice Things For Your Home

Just 18 Very Nice Things For Your Home string light

Embark on a transformative journey for your home with these 15 active upgrades that promise to redefine and elevate every corner. From sleek diffusers radiating endless Zen vibes to vibrant shag rugs that steal the spotlight, each addition brings its unique charm. Discover the ease of stick-on lights banishing shadowy corners and the luxurious comfort of towel warmers, embodying the ultimate “treat yourself” experience. Whether it’s the dreamy allure of a string light curtain or the chic sophistication of a velvet barrel chair, these upgrades transcend mere enhancements; instead, they become powerful statements, effortlessly infusing your space with personality and flair. Say goodbye to clutter with organizers and hello to stylish functionality with wall stencils. Welcome these upgrades and watch your home transform into a haven of comfort, style, and renewed energy.

Just 18 Very Nice Things For Your Home

1. Keep the sleek and stunning diffuser running for endless Zen vibes; it features four timer modes, nine color settings, and an auto-off feature.

Just 18 Very Nice Things For Your Home

2. Transform any room into a dreamy wonderland with a string light curtain; you may never want to leave!

Just 18 Very Nice Things For Your Home

3. By installing pre-made wall panels, effortlessly achieve professional-grade wainscoting, elevating your home’s elegance using only a nail gun and some glue.

Just 18 Very Nice Things For Your Home

4. Revamp any area with a Mediterranean-feel peel-and-stick wallpaper; spice up your kitchen backsplash or brighten your neutral stairway!

Just 18 Very Nice Things For Your Home

5. Revive dark, shadowy areas with stick-on lights under cabinets, display shelves, or in your bathroom.

wooden cat tree

6. Complement your home’s aesthetic with an adorable wooden cat tree, offering a comfy spot for your pets with ultra-soft cushioned thrones.

shell pillow

7. Add the final touch to a lonely chair with a sweet little shell pillow for a much-needed upgrade.

cabinet hammock

8. Store fruits in a cabinet hammock without taking up precious counter space.

An arched floor mirror

9. An arched floor mirror because you’ve waited far too long to dress up that one blank wall that’s begging to be brought back to life. It’ll add more light to your space and be your go-to mirror for checking your outfit before leaving the house.

memory foam beanbag

10. A giant memory foam beanbag you’ll want to belly flop onto at the end of a long day. Don’t be surprised if you end up having to fight your pet for this coveted spot.

vibrant shag rug

11. Make a statement with a vibrant shag rug that earns compliments and ties the room together.

velvet barrel chair

12. Complete your space with a gorgeous velvet barrel chair, perfect for cozy moments with a good book and a cup of tea.

 wood organizer

13. Take charge of your cluttered workspace with an adjustable wood organizer for a cute and enjoyable desk setup.

ceiling fan

14. Upgrade your space with a modern ceiling fan for ample airflow and a modern touch.

15. Hang towels stylishly on a rack that doubles as decor for your walls, holding up to eight towels.

garage magnets

16. Easily upgrade your home with garage magnets stuck directly onto the door for a quick improvement.

starburst chandelier

17. Make a statement with a mid-century starburst chandelier as the focal point of your space.

candle lamp warmer

18. Set the mood with a candle lamp warmer, filling the room with your favorite scent without fire hazards.

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